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Cinemagraphs 1

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Cinemagraphs, which are usually published in an animated GIF format, can give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video.
They are commonly produced by taking a series of photographs or a video recording, and, using image editing software, compositing the photographs or the video frames into a seamless loop of sequential frames, often using the animated GIF file format in such a manner that motion in part of the subject between exposures (for example, a person's dangling leg) is perceived as a repeating or continued motion, in contrast with the stillness of the rest of the image.
The term "cinemagraph" was coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used the technique to animate their fashion and news photographs beginning in early 2011.

Cinemagraphs 2

Cinemagraphs 3

How to Create a Cinemagraph; Still Photos with Moving Elements

Cinemagraphs, still photos with moving elements, are quite a trend in photography circles. Unlike jerky animated GIFs, they’re much more fluid and subtle. Learn how to make them with this tutorial.
At Photojojo! they have a detailed tutorial outlining how to create a cinemagraph that covers the planning and execution of your image.
If you’ve never heard of the process before it’s pretty neat. You take a series of photographs and then, using image editing tools, mask off only the parts of the photo you want to move (like the eyes in the photos sample seen here). Then you blend the photos together and create an animated GIF where in only the small portion of the image actually moves. This is quite different than the jerky animated GIFs that result when people try to turn full motion video into an animation.
Hit up the link below to see how you can create your own cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphs 4

Cinemagraphs 5

Cinemagraphs 6

Cinemagraphs 7

Cinemagraphs 8

Cinemagraphs 9

Cinemagraphs 10

Cinemagraphs 11

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Cinemagraphs 17

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Cinemagraphs 19

Cinemagraphs 20

Cinemagraphs 21

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